April 2020
Message from the
A.T.J.S. President

Rock Step Relevators

Rock Step Relevators

The stay-at-home orders associated with the COVID-19 pandemic are necessary, but they have also ground the live jazz scene in Austin to a halt.  This isn’t too onerous for part-time players with other sources of income, but it is potentially devastating to people whose livelihoods revolve around music, whether performing or teaching.  The traditional jazz scene in Austin is largely spearheaded by these people.  They have often graced our Cap City stage, and many times when you go to a club and hear live jazz, you are listening to some of our full-time players.  They are a local treasure.
Our sister organization Austin Jazz Society has set up a donation fund to help full-time musicians in need.  AJS is mostly concerned with modern jazz, and their early efforts have largely gone to modern players.  However, they have agreed to extend a helping hand to traditional jazz musicians in need.  I have sent a list of prominent area traditional jazz players to AJS and they will receive applications.  A panel will screen the completed applications to ensure that money goes to jazz musicians who are in need and whose sources of income have been cut off for the time being.  These payments won’t make anyone rich, but they might form a financial bridge until some financial safety net features such as unemployment compensation and block citizen payments come along.
I urge lovers of traditional jazz to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Austin Jazz Society fund.  Your dollars will help maintain the traditional jazz scene in Austin at a time when it really needs you.  Your ATJS Board has made a donation to the AJS fund, but it can’t possibly do it all. 

We need you to help keep our music alive.
You may donate to The Austin Jazz Society at the link below.


Or send a check to:

Austin Jazz Society
Project Safety Net
PO Box 170141
Austin TX  78717

Sincerely yours,

Dave Stoddard
A.T.J.S. President

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