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Dr. Charles (Chuck) Reiley - Jazzman and Preservationist

By Becky Maddox and Jim Ivy


Chuck Reiley

It can be easy to overlook what grows in your own backyard. Of the musicians in The Austin Traditional Jazz Society's backyard, one of the foremost is Dr. Charles (Chuck) Reiley.  In 1977, trombonist, Chuck Reiley performed with the John Roberts Jazz Band at the first concert sponsored by the "Mouldy Figs of Austin" which later became the Austin Traditional Jazz Society.  Even before that, Chuck Reiley and his Alamo City Jazz Band had been carrying the torch for traditional jazz throughout Central Texas and beyond.  His musical career has spanned over four decades and has reached from coast to coast, border to border, and beyond!

In recognition of Chuck Reiley's contributions to traditional jazz, ATJS wishes to present "A Chuck Reiley Scrapbook" that chronicles a few of Chuck's achievements in the world of traditional jazz.  We invite you to sit back and enjoy the sounds and sights in the scrapbook and hope that it will bring you a small part of the enjoyment that Chuck Reiley's music has been bringing to fans for many years!

Chuck Reiley Band